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Welcome to GM Advanced Technician Training Center

General Motors Middle East Operations based in Dubai is sponsoring the GM Advanced Technician Training Center in the Philippines. This Training Center offers a 14-week training program to selected Automotive Technicians from the Philippines in order to provide GM Authorized Dealer Network in the Middle East with highly-trained Automotive Technicians.

The 14-week program is held every 16 weeks with three groups graduating every year. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply early to be considered for the very next intake. Only 42 seats are available in each intake and will be available to those Automotive Technicians who meet the listed qualifications found on this page.

Selection Process

Technicians who meet the qualifications will be invited to undergo:
* An Automotive Theoretical Test
* A Personal Interview

All candidates must submit themselves to and pass a pre-training medical examination before being finally accepted into the program.

This program is a scholarship whereby the student does not have to pay any fees for the courses, accommodation, uniform, airfare, pre-, post-medical examinations or POEA / employment country visa costs.

Details of the processes and benefits are provided below and can likewise be viewed in the Documents Section.


Candidates have to meet or exceed the prerequisites below before applying to this very special GM Advanced Technician Training Program.

  • 24 - 40 years of age
  • Basic Internet and computer skills
  • Ability to absorb/learn new information quickly
  • Committed to work in the Middle East
  • Good grasp of the English language
  • Good medical and physical health
  • Holder of a valid Driving License
  • Holder of a valid Passport
  • Male
  • Minimum 12 months of basic education in Automotive Technology
  • More than 24 months of work experience as an Automotive Technician in a DEALERSHIP only

Offer of 36 months of Employment Contract

All students will receive a monthly allowance/stipend of PHP15,000.00 per month during the training period. Graduates may be offered thirty six (36) months of employment contract with GM Authorized Dealer in the Middle East.

To take up such employment, graduates will be required to sign a job offer letter from the dealer. All dealers participating in this program have agreed to pay graduates from the GM Advanced Technician Training Center a minimum monthly net income of US$ 700.00.

Take time to review each section of this website as it contains a complete overview of the Training Center: training course outline, facilities, accommodation & leisure, important documents & processes, photo & video gallery and How to Apply.

Other documents can be read and printed under the Documents section of this website.

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