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  Mission and Vision

In its long history of being the world’s number one manufacturer of automobiles, General Motors has always provided its workforce with the finest training and equipment, so much so that GM factory trained technicians are recognized today as one of the best and most technologically qualified in the automotive industry.

The Middle East is no exception. GM Authorized Dealers throughout the Middle East region demand the best for their customers when it comes to sales and service. With its extensive dealer network and service car fleet in the hundreds of thousands, dealerships provide customers with service facilities that are second to none.

To provide excellent service to customers’ vehicles, every service department needs sophisticated tools and equipment, extensive workshop facilities and highly trained technicians who can work quickly and efficiently on some of the world’s finest automobiles: sedans, SUVs, MUVs, trucks, sport saloons and commercial vehicles from world famous brands – Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC. It is all about Fix It Right First Time!

To ensure such high quality service is maintained throughout the GM Authorized Dealer Network in the Middle East , TTi Global Philippines operates the GM Advanced Technician Training Center in Bulacan, Philippines.

Nestled in the quiet and scenic countryside of Angat, Bulacan, the GM Advanced Technician Training Center provides 14-week intensive training programs to Filipino automotive technicians who want to become the world’s best.

These highly trained technicians will then join GM Authorized Dealers to further enhance the service capability to Middle East customers.

Training Outline

The training program is designed to prepare the GM Advanced Technician for his demanding job at the dealer. It consists of of 86 hours of Web-based Training courses and 65 days of Instructor-based training courses completed during the 14-week training program.

The program can be broken down into 9 modules as follows:

* Core Technician - Path
* Electrical/Electronics
* Engine
* Driveline/Axle
* Automatic Transmission
* Steering
* Suspension
* Brakes

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