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   I am blessed with this kind of program by General Motors,GM-Middle East Operation through their staff / personnel in-charge who really extend their efforts to sustain our needs. I am here now in Aljomiah Auto Company in Riyadh, bringing,developing and sharing the knowledge i learned in GMATTC-Philippines. We have one common reason to be a part of this, for our beloved family, we did our best to pass the different exams in training just to be here. Indeed we made it, I personally made it. To all who helped us, Thank You very much for sharing your abilities and time and Thank you for changing our lives into a better one. God bless us all. Julius Batch 5   

Posted By: Julius C. Malupangue

Group 5

   Having this kind of training center(GMATTC) at the Phlippines is a great opportunity to us..You helped so many tachnicians to learn and develop skills,and also to pursue their dreams.. So thank you so much to all the people behind this program..This is a great success!..You all did great!..   

Posted By: J. Samar

Group 7

   Thanks to GMATTC PHIL. of this here now in riyadh ALJOMAIH AUTOMOTIVE a auto technician...   

Posted By: E. CDO

Group 8

   I am happy to be the one of the graduate in GMATTC-Philippines. This training center helps me a lot to develop and enhance my ability to became a good automotive technician here in Middle East. I am now working in Universal Motors Agencies-Dhahran K.S.A. as General Mechanic (Transmission Specialist). To all person behind that program in the Philippines and here in Middle East Thank You very much. More power and God Bless Us All...    

Posted By: Ruthlyn Ruflo

Group 4

   thank you lord for everything,i am proud to say i am part of gm academy general motors advance technician training center, thank you to all our instructor in gmattc and staff of gmatcc phillipines,it is an honor to a part of middle east gm dealer, now im working here in aljoamih riyadh,once again thank you to all general motors big boss for supporting to improve the ability of all filipino talented automotive technician, continuoes to help more power thank you again and godbless...   

Posted By: Cromwel M. Lachica

Group 8

    Congratulations! to all my co trainees who have finished and graduated in angat training cente,what i have experienced in gmattc will forever be in my mind and and for all the friends that i acquired in the training center i will not forget them,the knowledge and skills that ive learned will for ever be in my mind.The technical staff will surely be a part of my life,most specially Mr. Grant Fitspatrick who dedicated and devote his time and share his knowledge to us,good luck and god bless to all of us!   

Posted By: Romeo Manuzon

Group 2

   I am so very proud to be one of the trainee in GMATTC...and i'm also very very thank full to all faculty members for sharing their knowledge and guiding us..thank you very much ang my the god bless you all   

Posted By: ARIEL

Group 9

   Thanks to GMATTC staff for sharing with us their talent to improved our skills and knowledge to become a will trained G.M. technician.With the knowledge I've learned from them now Im a under chase and transmission specialist here at Qatar.,Guys keep it up the good work and continue helping others to reach thier dreams as a GM.advance technician.Thanks and more power to all..(._.)   

Posted By: Peter Siplat

Group 4

   As i wrote this, I watched the photos of the training center and now it has grown to more than just a facility.I am very thankful that i was once part and will always be a part of GM's program in Angat. Once I was a hopefull but GM helped not just me but all who have undergone training to make our dreams to come in reality. And to those who want to join us here in the middle east let GM train you and make your own dream to come true. Hardship pays, even though its a continue process but it will always pay. I miss Angat Bulacan and the family we had there for 3 months. Thank you so much and may God bless us all.   

Posted By: William

Group 8

   I am bless because of what happen of my life due to this training i learned more skills and now i am on my postion as a general mechanic specialize with transmissions at general motor agenceies-UMA sultan city k.s.a .Be proud being GM technician.    

Posted By: Meguelito R. Abian

Group 4


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